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Reconnect - Couples Therapy Retreat

A transformational path to love and connection

Do you remember the days when you first met? The days you spent together truly enjoying each others' company....the spark you felt, the curiosity you had for each other and the conversations that helped you connect? When life gets in the way it can be difficult to know how to navigate your relationship. Over time the excitement and fun can naturally start fading away with the demands of family, life transitions and other commitments. Once the "honeymoon stage" begins to calm down, then partners can become polarised and all the wounds come up so you start to see all of yourself and your partner in the relationship. This is a stage where disconnection can easily be driven by lack of healthy communication and ability to repair what feels "broken". The challenge for many couples then is to strengthen their relationship through navigating conflict appropriately and committing to healing and growth. 

This is where we can help by offering tailor-made retreats to help you restore your relationship while having a relaxing holiday away from life demands. While nestled in a private location in the south of England, our small group 3-day couple retreats will offer you an opportunity to learn new skills for deepening intimacy, managing conflicts, communicating effectively and enhancing your sense of mutual empathy and understanding. 

Prices are £1250 pp including all therapy and therapeutic interventions during your stay, group activities, accommodation and food (breakfast and dinner).

For more information about dates or if you have any questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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